CFNRC serves the communities of Forsyth, Angela, Ingomar and Rosebud, Montana

About Us

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The Community Foundation of Northern Rosebud County began in 2007 when the family of Swede Schlesinger honored their loved one by creating an endowment in his name. The endowment is a permanent fund whose earnings are granted to important projects in the four communities. The development of the fund led to the creation of our Foundation. Our endowment continues to grow through the ongoing generosity of our donors.

The CFNRC keeps your charitable gifts in the hands of the local community. Our Foundation’s board of directors are local people who oversee the granting process and project completion. To date, grants have been made to over 130 transformative, local projects.

The CFNRC is an affiliate of the Montana Community Foundation who lends their financial expertise, training and guidance. The people of Northern Rosebud County have demonstrated a commitment to the CFNRC by giving generously to the endowment while we are “building the future…right here.”


What We Do

Earnings from the endowment are used to enhance our quality of life and build a better future in the communities of Forsyth, Rosebud, Ingomar and Angela.  

We grant funds to projects and to causes you care about and need your support:

§  Youth Programs & Education

§  Recreation

§  Arts & Culture

§  Community & Economic Development

§  Natural Resources

§  Conservation & Environment

§  Emergency Services

§  Health Care Services

§  Historic Preservation

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Who We Are

The Community Foundation of Northern Rosebud County is helping to build a strong and vibrant future for our communities. You can make a positive difference by helping support worthwhile projects today and new opportunities tomorrow. The fund began in 2006 with the goal of creating a permanent source of funding to support a thriving community. Thanks to people who love Northern Rosebud County, we now have an endowment valued at more than $390,000. This is a permanent account whose assets are invested to generate an ongoing source of income available for granting to local projects year after year.

Current Board Members

Community Foundation of Northern Rosebud County

  • President – Mackenzie Dinstel
  • Vice President – Charlee Prince
  • Secretary – Susan Quinlan
  • Treasurer – Ellen Coker
  • Fund Representative – Darrell Grogan
  • Julia Ferguson
  • Irene Dickerson

Past Board Members



  • Sherry Taylor
  • Keith Holmlund


  • Robert Engle
  • Hollis Espy
  • Celeste Rohrich
  • Cheryl Schwarzkoph
  • Marvin Quinlan, Jr.


  • Linda Lou Crosby
  • Johnna Newman
  • Mark Boone


  • Ed Bukoskey
  • Jill Mackley
  • Eldon Rice
  • Verlin Miller
  • Lane Buck

At Large:

  • Linda Hubbard
  • Jenell Martens
  • Gordon Dean DC
  • Jennifer Anderson