CFNRC serves the communities of Forsyth, Angela, Ingomar and Rosebud, Montana

The Community Foundation of Northern Rosebud County is helping to build a strong and vibrant future for our communities. You can make a positive difference by helping support worthwhile projects today and new opportunities tomorrow. The fund began in 2006 with the goal of creating a permanent source of funding to support a thriving community. Thanks to people who love Northern Rosebud County, we now have an endowment valued at more than $600,000. This is a permanent account whose assets are invested to generate an ongoing source of income available for granting to local projects year after year.

Board Members

Community Foundation of Northern Rosebud County 

  • President – Robert Engle
  • Vice President – Charlee Prince
  • Secretary – Susan Quinlan
  • Treasurer – Hollis Espy
  • Fund Representative – Darrell Grogan
  • Linda Lou Crosby
  • Julia Ferguson



  • Sherry Taylor
  • Keith Holmlund


  • Celeste Rohrich
  • Cheryl Schwarzkoph
  • Marvin Quinlan, Jr.


  • Johnna Newman
  • Mark Boone


  • Ed Bukoskey
  • Jill Mackley
  • Eldon Rice
  • Verlin Miller
  • Lane Buck

At Large:

  • Linda Hubbard
  • Jenell Martens
  • Gordon Dean DC
  • Ellen Coker
  • Jennifer Anderson