CFNRC serves the communities of Forsyth, Angela, Ingomar and Rosebud, Montana

The Community Foundation of Northern Rosebud County (CFNRC) recently completed a 7 min video highlighting their work towards “Building the Future….right here.”

The video shares a compelling journey of the CFNRC as told through the eyes of board members and community members.

Various activities supported by the CFNRC, including; the emerging Rosebud Community Center, the Modern Band at Forsyth High School, Forsyth Library improvements, Ingomar’s Rodeo Grounds, the Pronghorn Archery Club, and the Garden Club, are highlighted in the video.

The CFNRC was recently honored when the Montana Community Foundation (MCF) presented the video during their annual Convening.

“I’m involved because I feel it’s an important Civic duty to give back to your community, to be a part of your community and do what you can to make your community a better place to live.”